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January 21, 2008
We Get Naughty - Kate & Naomi
December 13, 2007
We Get Naughty - Madison & Chloe
November 27, 2007
We Get Naughty - Micha
November 16, 2007
We Get Naughty - Kate & Naomi
November 12, 2007
We Get Naughty - Kim
October 3, 2007
We Get Naughty - Charlie
September 16, 2007
We Get Naughty - Micha
August 9, 2007
We Get Naughty - Naomi
July 15, 2007
We Get Naughty - Kim
July 9, 2007
We Get Naughty - Nasrin
July 7, 2007
We Get Naughty - Lolly
July 5, 2007
We Get Naughty - Micha
June 28, 2007
We Get Naughty
June 25, 2007
We Get Naughty
June 22, 2007
We Get Naughty
June 20, 2007
we get naughty - madison
I can tell you right now, dear reader, that there is no chance that this website will ever be sued for false advertising. With more than 20 girls in their stable, each in high rotation and each masterful practitioners of the art of naughtiness, Wegetnaughty.com is a website that delivers on its promises.

With more than 1,000 galleries and 150 videos online, each starring one or more of the delectable ladies on offer, it's already clear that regular, substantial updates are something you can rely upon from WGN. This website will also appeal to those of you (yes, we read your e-mails) who write in expressing disdain for the photo sets that feature the male anatomy alongside female models. After conducting a painstaking review I can personally attest that there's not a single pixel devoted to the male form.

What really sets this website apart, though, is its sheer variation. Most multi-girl sites fall into the trap of sneakily using the same settings with different models but you will find no such trickery here my friends; the girls rock more costume changes than a fashion show and star in an impressive array of locations.

The only constant, it seems, is the puzzling tendency of the girls to wear soccer uniforms; so if you've ever wanted to see Manchester United really get on top of Chelsea than this is the place for you.

This point is well demonstrated by the aptly titled 'Girls on Girls' section: a wild, scenic and frequently oily ride to the Isle of Lesbos and back again that will leave you glued to your monitor. This is not your standard issue tribute to sapphism, though, with locations as diverse as the beach; a steam room; a car show; a candy store; a dungeon and - what kind of self-respecting website would be without it? - paddling pools filled with oil.

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