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Welcome to Molly's Bedroom. Previously a den like this was only accessible to those of us willing to risk federal prosecution. That is no longer the case; god bless you, internet. Right down to the Crayola themed décor and liberally deployed exclamation marks the whole place gives off adolescent teenager vibes. In a few clicks, though, you'll learn that this place is much more fun than MySpace.

Molly shows off her body in a site that wins kudos for its frequent updates. Molly is new to the internet but still adds new content at the average rate of once every 2.5 days, scoring very highly on the always accurate Petite Teenager Index. The rest of the operation still betrays a sense of immaturity, though, and her journal was not yet up when we checked in (time of writing: March 2008).

The video and pictures show off this doe-eyed brunette teen and her sizeable sweater stretchers from every angle; the content is varied but, frankly, I could watch this girl pose in a potato field all day long. The photography is excellent and the poses no less than provocative in galleries that have hundreds of pictures, slideshows and the ability for users to rate content.

The soundtracks have as much rhythm as any typical Nintendo game from the 90's but on mute the videos make for some excellent viewing and can be streamed or downloaded directly from the members' area. When she's not being drowned out by nauseating melodies Molly shows us she's not apprehensive about the prospect of her parents walking in and goes all the way in a number of the more than 30 movies which range from 5 to 20 minutes in length.

It's just like being in junior high all over again (insofar as you're watching risqué movies, if your experience was anything like mine). Delightful.

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