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August 1, 2007
December 30, 2006
kathy in a sexy dress
December 29, 2006
Kathy in hot black
December 27, 2006
kathy in black
December 27, 2006
Kathy for xmas
December 22, 2006
xmas with Ashley
December 14, 2006
Kathy in pigtails
August 30, 2006
very sexy bitch lucky in a hot green top
August 25, 2006
hot bitch emily
Plato once said that all men are by nature equal, made of the same earth by one Workman. Let's just take a minute to salute that Workman, for he has certainly created some fine Bitches, and the upstanding people at Karen's Bitches have taken the time to find some prime examples and set them out just for you.

At last count, Karen's Bitches offered punters over 33,000 medium to high-quality pictures and 145 videos of some of the ethereal Workman's finest work. All of the models on Karen's Bitches are, to put it bluntly, stunning. On top of this, the site is updated frequently and there seems to be no end to the material that the discerning member can peruse. Featured on the Karen's Bitches website is a live webcam feed of one of the site's models, and it is nothing short of rapture to see what is going on at any given time.

Any veteran of this internet game would consider themselves apt to navigate a simple website. Not this site. After realizing that there is no permanent navigation frame, no “back to member's area” button and no way to wend between photos and videos, it was simple to deduce that the site is quite frankly poorly structured.

Whilst the team at Karen's Bitches obviously appreciates the wonder of the female form, they are not quite so skilled at sharing. Although it is not impossible to navigate the Karen's Bitches website, it takes longer than it should to figure out the site's inner workings. If you are a fan of beautiful women, do not let this setback become a barrier to your admiration of some of the Workman's best.

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