Dakota South


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July 30, 2007
Dakota South Pics
June 23, 2007
Dakota South posing by the fireplace
June 15, 2007
Dakota South in her bra and panties
June 12, 2007
Dakota South Pics
June 2, 2007
Dakota South in black n white bikini
May 28, 2007
Dakota South shows off her chest
May 23, 2007
Dakota South Pics
May 18, 2007
Dakota South in a very short black skirt
May 11, 2007
Dokota South Pics
May 3, 2007
Dakota South Pics
May 1, 2007
Dakota in jean shorts and bra
April 20, 2007
Dakota in swimsuit on park bench
April 17, 2007
Dakota looking sexy at the beach
April 14, 2007
Dakota South strips out of her white tee
April 9, 2007
Dakota South looking cute in white
July 18, 2006
carry looking real hot
April 12, 2006
(Non-nude) Black lace & silk rope
April 12, 2006
(Non-nude) Gray Playboy top
April 12, 2006
(Non-Nude) Elegance in black bra
April 12, 2006
(Non-Nude) Blue bra in the shade
April 12, 2006
(Non-Nude) Innocence in white
April 12, 2006
(Non-Nude) I heart New York!
April 12, 2006
(Non-Nude) Short skirt outdoors
April 12, 2006
(Non-Nude) Cutie in baby blue vest
April 12, 2006
(Non-Nude) Wet Tshirt on a hot day
April 12, 2006
(Non-nude) Getting ready to go out
Mention South Dakota and most people think of an American state built around Mt. Rushmore - the big mountain with the US Presidents carved on it, for our non-US readers. Mention Dakota South, however, and I can show you a website with significantly more attractions to its name.

The first thing to establish about Dakota South, though, is that her website is more like FHM than Playboy, if you get my drift. That's not to say that Dakota's movies should be placed on the same shelf as Disney's at Blockbuster, however - far from it - just that this girl is more likely to appeal to those of you who appreciate picture sets with nuance and suggestion than the more explicit displays on other websites.

And there's no question that the pictures are impressive in their depth - featuring Dakota in a whole variety of costumes and locations which range from performing onstage at a strip club to her bathroom at home.

The movie section is equally appealing - Firefox users will have to right click and save them -Dakota frequently includes her female friends in the action as well as plenty of solo adventures in the shower and creative use of bananas and lollipops.

Dakota South is a girl who will undeniably appeal to those of you who enjoy the subtly risqué and with updates scheduled for every Thursday this impressive collection is only going to grow in size.

Until then, we'll keep you posted.

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