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January 29, 2008
carmen cocks movie
August 6, 2007
carmen cocks movies
July 17, 2007
carmen cocks movies
July 5, 2007
carmen cocks movies
June 27, 2007
carmen cocks movies
June 25, 2007
carmen cocks movies
April 21, 2007
Carmen Cocks
April 10, 2007
carmen cocks gets ploughed

Carmen Cocks (her real name is Danielle Dicks but she changed it before getting into the entertainment industry) is - as anyone who doesn't walk with the assistance of a seeing eye dog can confirm - a statuesque beauty of the highest order.

The site features just 10 photo shoots, which despite admittedly featuring some high quality, in-depth photography (in some cases extending to as many as 300 pictures per set) lacks enough variety to be worthwhile.

The video section, however, is a surprisingly different story: Carmen has more than 20 high quality videos to her name - each showcasing her healthy appreciation for the cock and, when the mood strikes, the female guest stars who make frequent appearances.

Also surely proving of interest to some readers will be the 'Bonus' section that includes complete - albeit in annoying 1-2 minute increments - access to the video catalogues of more than 12 hardcore websites with intriguing titles such as 'MILF Banged', 'Throat Banged' and 'Lesbian Hook Ups'.

At the moment is very much a margin call - despite having an impressive video section for a new website a lot of readers will be disappointed by the lack of photos on offer. With a body like this, however, it surely will not be long before her popularity rises and the rest of Carmen's site is brought up to scratch.

Until then, we'll keep you posted.

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